My Story

While brainstorming how to describe myself in a short biography, one gif came to mind.




As unserious and lighthearted as summarizing my life with a Disney gif may seem, I see a lot of myself in this sentiment!

My ideal life? I live every day, using my creative talents to tell stories that positively impact others and change lives (i.e. adventuring in the great wide somewhere).


Does my dream seem broad? Maybe. But that's also the beauty of it. I don't box myself in and limit opportunities to help others. 

Mantra: Keep yourself and your ideas out of 'the box'

Through studying Communication and New Media at Texas A&M and abroad, I cultivated my ability to creatively communicate ideas that go beyond the norm. This education, combined with 3 years of part-time and nearly 2 years of full-time marketing experience solidified my love for marketing and branding.

Creative content creation and strategy development are my passions! Whether it's through writing, graphic design, photography, videography, or social media, I love to help people tell their stories more effectively. Long gone are the days of simply pushing products — I humanize brands to convey a message of care and purpose.

When I'm not being a beast at work, 


(my knack for making puns is a tale as old as time), you can find me writing music, weightlifting, enjoying the outdoors, traveling, dancing, spending time with friends and family, studying Italian, taking pictures, and journaling.

Please look around my site, and contact me at!

Thank you,

Kiersten Cooper