A 'Glass Half Full' Strategy

As the Marketing Assistant for Messina Hof, I was in charge of the brand's Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, 4 Facebook pages, YouTube, and Pinterest (all linked below). I created B2C content strategies, wrote channel-optimized copy, took photographs, made digital art, monitored accounts, and responded to customers.

Any content you see from the summer of 2019 until February 2021 was solely created or coordinated by me!



It is not enough to cleverly push products. We must connect to our audience. We must care for people. We must work with a deeper purpose.


During the 2020 lockdown, my team was tasked with the challenge of promoting products in the midst of extreme sensitivity. Our solutions?

Give back, get creative, and promote community.

We worked to show the world a glass half full...of Messina Hof wine.

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Bottle of Thanks

Getting Creative

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Promoting Community

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