archer mockup.png
archer mockup inside2.png

Typeface Brochure

The Task

Use InDesign to design a bi-fold pamphlet that informs viewers on the characteristics of a chosen typeface. Utilize an underlying grid, be strategic with layout, and pick a font that reflects your personality. 

The Process

 I researched researched researched to develop a moodboard and pick a typeface. I chose Archer because it is fun-loving yet clean and legible. 


I learned that Archer was created for Martha Stewart Living, incorporated both modern and antique styles, and was special because it was a slab serif turned cute with the addition of balls on the letters.

project 4 moodboard.png

Next, I explored layouts, created several drafts, made adjustments based on critiques, and ended up with a design that I believe accurately portrays the credible, pretty, and rule-breaking Archer typeface!